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7 Ways to Prioritise Your Self Care

Self-care should not be last on your list as you go about your busy day. There are a number of ways you can do little things that can help uplift your mood and make you calmer, less stressed and happier. However, your busy lifestyle can make prioritising self-care challenging. The trick is to find easy ways to fit self-care into your daily routine and turn it into a practice. 

Here are a few ways you can practice self-care: 

  1. Do your work and activities mindfully. Setting aside time for meditation or just a time to set your intentions for the day can greatly help set your direction and weed out those things which are less important or less urgent.

  2. Speak to yourself with kindness. If you can be kind and compassionate to others, why not give some to yourself first. After all, we all want to be treated with love and understanding even in our most difficult moments. What we give to others is also a reflection of what we foremost give to ourselves. Caring for oneself is not selfish.

  3. Make shower or bath time a relaxation practice. Maybe this is the only time in a busy day that you get to prioritize yourself, so better make it an experience!

  4. Learn clever ways to multitask. Meditate while your coffee brews, listen to a podcast or while you drive or go for a walk, learn to delegate tasks like outsourcing home chores such as cleaning, so you would have more time to spare and you can choose how to spend it.

  5. Practice your hobby. Pursue a hobby to ensure you have a passion outside of your 9 to 5 job. It could be something you like and wish to convert into a side business, such as jewellery making or photography, or something you simply enjoy doing (whether or not you ever make money from it), such as cooking or painting.

  6. Healthy Eating. While you make sure you nourish your mind, you also have to nourish your body. What you choose to eat is a reflection of your choices. Eat your greens, drink plenty of water, or just make small changes to your diet and see how your diet changes overtime.

  7. Quality time with the right people. Choose who you spend your time with and make sure you surround yourself with people who exude positive energy and enthusiasm.

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